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Our Social Activities

We very much agree with Saint Francis, "For it is in giving that we receive". To us, that philosophy has proven true to us over and over again. Very much similar is the "Golden Rule", respect others as you would like to be respected. I feel so fortunate and I truly believe it to be a GOD's gift, allowing me to be on a line of work that, not only I can create financial resource for the good of my family, but also, to help those who are maybe, less fortunate.

As we prepare to install new flooring, we often have to get rid of: carpet, laminate, LVT, engineered floating floorz, appliances and etc., that are in great reusable condition, with the consent of the owner, we salvage them and give to who ever needs, absolutely free of charge, sometimes we even deliver.

If you need or know anyone who needs any available item we have, you may call, text or email us to find out more, we will be extremely happy to help. Below is the list of available items:


Stainless steel 2 bowl kitchen sink.
It's not in excellent condition, but good to replace one in bad shape. 
GE Stove
It's not in excellent condition, but good to replace one in bad shape.
LVT - Laminate Vinyl Tile
Not enough to cover an entire house, but will do a small 70sqft. kitchen or bathroom.
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