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About Us:

And who exactly we are: a family owned and operated flooring company, who strives to deliver the best service possible to our customers. We pay close attention to details that make a huge difference between a well installed floor and an installation that falls far from even being considered a good installation. We are top rated installers with some of the national recognized names in the construction industry, we will provide references by request, while some of our excellent Google reviews can be verified by clicking here.

You can also, choose to see some of our reviews from our satisfied customers by and we have no doubt that by choosing our service, yours will join our review page as well.


On how we treat our customers:

We consider our customers as the the most important figure in our operation. Respect and cheerfulness are apply in every case, however, we fail to believe that "customers are always right", that's demogogy, we are customers ourselves and we know that we sometimes can be wrong in any given situation. Why are we saying that? you may ask. Often, customers ask us to install their floorz in certain way that we can not do it for the sake of the factory warranty and overall satisfaction afterwards.

On how we manage our appointments:

We wished to be running an airline company, in which, time precision is required by the second literally speaking, instead, our time is merely estimated. We often use "about", e.g. - About 8 o'clock, which means a little before or a little after 8 o'clock (a 30 minutes window). In the event that we are going to be later than scheduled or if we have to postpone it for any reason, our customers are always the first ones to be informed, also a notification is always sent by around 30 minutes before the predicted arrival time, to inform that we are on our way.

On how we handle payments for the service we provide.

Currently, we do not ask or take any money in advance prior to the work being done. For larger jobs with multiple phases, we may choose and ask to be paid for the finished stage, for example: a job that requires take out an existing tile to be replace for another or something else, we may choose to collect for the job done.

If the customer decides to purchase the flooring product from us, we will need to collect the full amount of the purchased products.

Our Estimate vs Quote. Please click here to understand the difference between them.

First of all, we encourage and ask our customer to 

"Please Read This Document Fully and attentively."


When we present our written estimate, it is free of charge and it can automatically convert to a Quote. If a customer wants a quote since the very beginning of the proposed job, there are some factors that can disable us to do it without an extensive work in order to create that quote, therefore we may charge for it, but it may be impossible to create a quote, because in order to do it, it often requires a rip out, demolition and etc., damaging or altering its current status. 

Please check out our Social Activities Program. 

LicensedInsured and we do have a CLASS III B/L license # ST-8976 in St. Johns Co. 

We also cover: Flagler, Volusia, Putnam and Duval Counties.

Vander and Sandra Braflat
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